1. DRACO

    Disgraced journalist Cabdimalik Coldoon to be prosecuted .

    Coldoon was running a Breitbart News-like agency, spewing out propaganda / inciting violence against Somaliland and small organisations like Abaarso school. Coldoon Charged with Serious Crimes: Libel & Defamation against Abaarso College + Incitement of Violence Against Somaliland Govt. والفتنة...
  2. F

    Somalia's oil auction takes a wrong turn.

    So this guy claims that Farmaajo and his government are criminals and tries to scare off the investors :damn::patrice:
  3. Suhaib

    Marriage of American Muslim man and Somali girl in Garowe

    Mashallah :2tjlv3e:
  4. chosen one

    Hargeisa court sentences Nacima to 3 years in prison

    WTF SL :drakewtf:
  5. S

    Don't hold your phone out in London

    People really out here snatching phones :russ:
  6. H

    Death penalty by lethal injection: execution day USA

    do you feel sorry for these criminals