1. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Somali Galmudug Fishermen are facing attacks from armed foreign trawlers Corrupt Farmaajo and FGS issued licenses to for just 1 Million Dollar

    Somali fishermen forced out of the sea by foreign boats off Mudug coast (ERGO) – Somali fishermen in coastal villages in Mudug’s Hobyo district are facing attacks from armed foreign trawlers, cutting their fishing nets and using live ammunition to drive them out of the sea. Said Yasin Elmi...
  2. F

    Somalia has become more corrupt since 2016

    Nabad iyo nolol crew what's going on? I thought Farmaajo was atleast better than Hassan sheekh.
  3. Sheikh

    This is how Kenya kicked out corrupted politician Abdirahman Abdishakur.

    Even the country he used to sell Somalia's ocean to is refusing to welcome him in Kenya. :chrisfreshhah::pachah1::camby: :drakelaugh:The irony is real. @nine @wars @Jim Crow @Puntlandtheglorious @Abdalla @Yonis @Bohol
  4. sgfrmtheblock

    Arrest Crooked Kheyre

    It is widely known that this corrupt failure has been installed as PM of Somalia to take care of SomaOilGas future. The guy went from his position at SomaOilGas to become the prime minister of Somalia without ANY previous history of holding public office anywhere. Everyone knows these facts...
  5. sgfrmtheblock

    Corrupt Criminal Gaas is Threatening P/L

    Gaas calls everyone against the illegal Bosaso Port deal "idiots". He accepted and paid bribes of millions for this deal, as long as his morbidly obese self is in power the longer Puntland will not develop to reach its potential...