1. Manafesto

    Somalia's Minister of Information says the gov't recognizes anyone who dies in Somalia at this moment died of #COVID19

    FGS is claiming anyone who dies around Mogadishu and surrounding areas to be a victim of Corono virus to boost the numbers and receive more IC aid. How can a dumbfuck farmer like this from Kuntuwareey is a minister, Only in Somalia:snoop:
  2. lalayariis

    I’m developing a cough

    Chills, runny nose, fatigue, and loss of hunger and now a cough that is starting to develop. My chest hurt yesterday like a sharp pain, but I thought it was from the pneumonia I had 2 months ago. I think I might be getting corona y’all. Now I have a cough and a slight wheeze with exhale. My...
  3. Strike6times

    Is NBA coming back in July?

    Im seeing people say that NBA will continue after June is this true?
  4. kickz

    BREAKING NEWS Somalia bans passengers from China, Iran, Italy, South Korea

    Good to see Somali officials comply with tests
  5. Hodan from HR

    Survival foods list.

    It took my uni sending email that classes are suspended for 3days and will be online the rest of winter term for me to realize this coronavirus is getting out of hand. :tacky: I know I should once in a while stop burying my head in my books and keep up with the news, don't judge me walalayaal...
  6. Medulla

    ANALYSIS Joe Rogans interview with a Expert in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

    A really interesting listen if you have the time watch it . He gets in depth about the coronavirus really eye opening
  7. Ahmed Abdirahman

    This man has figured out the entire Coronavirus problem.

    WARNING: this may shock you.
  8. Abdisamad

    The US president

    How did this guy become the president of the United states? :mjlol:
  9. Cilmi-doon

    Somali Sports Minister shrugs off corona virus test upon arrival from Egypt

    Wednesday February 26, 2020 MOGADISHU (HOL) - Authorities at Aden Adde Airport in Mogadishu were Wednesday taken aback after Sports Minister Khadijo Diriye declined to be tested for Corona Virus after landing from Egypt which has declared one case of the deadly disease. Various officials...
  10. Exodus

    Coronavirus Sports Updates

    Yaab, delays and closed stadiums across Italy due to Virus. Think it’ll get worse? @Figo
  11. Daacad90

    Pray for my oppas... :jcoleno::jcoleno::jcoleno:
  12. repo

    Coronavirus can spread from people showing no symptoms

    (Reuters) - A 20-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, traveled 400 miles(675 km) north to Anyang where she infected five relatives, without ever showing signs of infection, Chinese scientists reported on Friday, offering new evidence that the virus can be...
  13. Cilmi-doon

    UAE says to avoid nose-to-nose greetings, eskimo kiss to stop coronavirus spread

    Two Gulf Arab men greet each other in the traditional tribal fashion by touching each other's nose. (File photo: Reuters) Joanne Serrieh, Al Arabiya EnglishMonday, 3 February 2020 UAE residents should not greet each other physically, including the traditional nose-to-nose greeting or eskimo...
  14. Cilmi-doon

    China’s Holocaust comparison for Israel’s coronavirus border closure

    More and more countries are closing their doors to Chinese nationals and suspending flights from China amid the coronavirus outbreak, and China is really angry about it. So angry that it reached for a Holocaust comparison. China has criticized countries that have implemented such restrictions...
  15. Helios


    This disgusting wuhan pig managed to get into Taiwan and hid his symptoms. He then went clubbing and went on his merry way not giving a f*ck that he was potentially infecting dozens and dozens of people with it. Honestly these kinds of people are scum and should just be a simple shoot on sight...
  16. Awdalia Rising

    In A Relationship With Indhoyar

    It’s more of a uni type of relationship :ulyin: Should I break things off before she brings me coronavirus? She comes in handy for some courses :patrice: what to do, what to do.....