computer science

  1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Did Any of You Get A College Degree Of Any Kind?

    I went for an Associates in Computer Science, but didn't finish. However, I graduated from a trade program and got a job certification.
  2. L

    Somali computer science dictionary

    Is there a dictionary that translates computer science words from english to somali words ? Or just dictionary that has a list of computer science words in somali ? Like how do people in somlia learn computer science, do they learn it in english ?
  3. General Asad

    Official Coding Thread

    Finally got the time to sit down and make the thread! tag list I'm doing a coding thread and how to get good at :hillarybiz: Might update this thrad with specific professions and how to get them late on but lets start with the basics, shall we? some skills you need to have in order for you...