1. General Asad

    Official Coding Thread

    Finally got the time to sit down and make the thread! tag list I'm doing a coding thread and how to get good at :hillarybiz: Might update this thrad with specific professions and how to get them late on but lets start with the basics, shall we? some skills you need to have in order for you...
  2. wars

    I’m doing a Somalispot session. Now you can ask me anything for one whole week.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what a Somalispot session, was until someone asked me to do one and since I’m free for a week, i thought why not. I will dedicate my life’s work and knowledge to help better our community. And I will gladly answer your questions as sincerely and honestly as I...
  3. government

    What is up with the new trending tab on sspot

    @Kaleel what's happening sxb have you been bought by YouTube :farmajoyaab: