1. Thegoodshepherd

    A colored clan map of Somalia (1955) by I.M Lewis and Muuse Haji Ismaciil Galaal

    I have crudely painted this map before, but I put about 40 minutes of effort into cleaning it up. It should be useful for anyone interested in learning the geography of Somali clans. There are some small mistakes and parts of it are not up to date, but it is roughly accurate. This is the base...
  2. Arabsiyawi

    GENETICS Somalis' Specific Mtdna clades

    Hi y'all. Is it possible for all the somalis that have done 23andme tests to post their 23andme assigned Mtdna results as well as processing their raw data into (which does not even take 4m) to see what their sub-clades might be. I am particularly interested in...
  3. Sharmarke

    We need to ban Qabyaalad and anything doing with it, if we want to progress

    Qabiil is our only and greatest weakness. We must address and eliminate this weakness completely if we want our next generation and country to survive. As individuals who have either experienced the Somali Civil War first hand or whose families were affected, we understand the devastation that...