1. Awdalia Rising

    CIA Secretly Owned Worlds Leading Provider of Encryption Systems

    The company secretly owned by the CIA provided encryption systems to over 100 countries :faysalwtf::ooh: There’s only 195 countries in the world :damn:
  2. kickz

    NISA (Somali FBI/CIA) busts up another Shabaab bomb plot

    Looks like residents tipped them off again. Second time I have seen them break up an opp, they are getting better at this.:salute:
  3. Rorschach

    Operation Gladio

    Statement: "AQ and affiliates, ISIS, Boko, Al-Kalaab, etc. are all Western tools for proxy warfare." Tinfoil nonsense:mjlol:amiright fellow friends? The use of cells/mercenaries/social groups internationally by Uncle Sam & Co. as a key and central tool for proxy warfare is...