1. H

    Since when were cars gendered?

    I drive a four-wheel and never thought twice about how it makes me come off but when I was picking up my friend who's car broke down he seemed confused when my car stopped in front of him, and asked if it was my dad's because "girls don't drive those" :what1: I don't particularly care about...
  2. Abdisamad


    So guys let's talk about cars.. My car is getting a bit old and I'm considering to sell it and buy a new one.. What kind of car would you recommend. Buying vs leasing what's the best option in your opinion?
  3. Xooshdheere

    New vehicles for the SNA

    New vehicles for the SNA. Part of a deal with China. ...and more.
  4. H

    What type of car do you drive

    Let's see your cars Color Make Model Year Price Pics
  5. bored

    Tesla Autopilot just went live, videos are starting to hit YT