1. abdullah233

    The Islamic economic model

    I’m curious as to your thoughts on this. The actual Islamic Economic model is capitalist its the moral ethics of the faith that encourages donation and helping poor zakat and (jizayih so non-believer funds get redirected to the poor). Islam tackles the biggest flaw in capitalism how to get the...
  2. Helios

    PHILOSOPHY Capitalism vs Socialism

    Free Market Capitalism vs State Socialism Personally I'm a fan of Free Markets
  3. The alchemist

    1791 on Yang Gang, Capitalism, Technology etc.

    The guy talks too fast, but check out his channel.
  4. The alchemist

    Overpopulation, Eugenics + Capitalism

    I know this is a long video, and the fine people of Sspot may suffer from chronic short attention span, and I feel for you. But know this, this is a valuable waste of time.
  5. The alchemist

    Capitalism and Cultural Disintegration

    I gave this one a thumbs up. Very interesting.
  6. Lugouy

    Insightful video that is still relevant today

    I came across this video and found it interesting that the subject is still relevant today. Many people have this mindset that capitalism is evil and only creates turmoil.
  7. VixR

    Peter Schiff on Capitalism

    The video is mistitled on YT, because it was long before Bernie's time from the heyday of Occupy Wallstreet protests where Peter Schiff, a 1% businessman, wrangles and levels with the upset protesters on the street from his angle. Beware, it's kinda long. But I stumbled onto it, and it's still...