1. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland unable to pay its members of parliament

    UCID party spokesperson admits that Somaliland has not been paying its MPs. It is no wonder that Isaaq is auctioning off so much public land in Hargaysa. The gov is very strapped for cash. Isaaq seem to have been pushed to their fiscal limits by the 6 month war with Dhulbahante. The so called...
  2. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS The new Somaliland 2022 Budget and it's brief analysis exposes the rampant corruption in the Bihi's Administration

    he Minister of Finance Development Dr. Saad Ali Shire has submitted the 2022 budget to the Somaliland Parliament on Monday 27th of December and faced a torrent of questions from the newly elected members of the Parliament regarding the 400 million US dollar budget. This is an increase of roughly...
  3. CaliTedesse

    Thank you minister Bayle

  4. DRACO

    Somaliland 2018 budget confirmed.