1. Farah Abdul

    New Somali Podcast talking about #ABDIEXIT

    a somali author in canada just created a new podcast called the somali nomad on spotify, he talks about somali men being frustrated with halimos on muzmatch and gives out solutions. i found it on instagram on thecoolsomalis page here also this is his spotify podcast
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Book recommendations???

    I read all sorts of stuff: but I like reading books of poems also autobiographies or regular biographies. I’ve probably read damn near everything on geopolitics behind WW2 I’m into weird stuff I guess I was wondering if any of you kind strangers had any recommendations of books to read: I’d...
  3. sgfrmtheblock

    Favourite Book Thread.

    Want everyone to add their favourite book. Just one or a few books that have had the most impact on you or left you in awe after reading it. I'll start it off. The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan. The Silk Roads” is a wonderful invigorating work of history. It is...
  4. Madara x

    Track 2: [Condemned Creeds] Listen and Share

    Greeting's fellow Somali's, This is the second track of my forthcoming Music Album. It is composed of excerpt's from my recently self-published book "Black nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {mental death}", and my queen siri is doing the vocals. The instrumental background is from Epic Music. Check...
  5. Madara x

    My first song [Black Fugitive] Listen and Share

    Greeting's fellow Somali's, I'm officially a music producer. My first song is composed of excerpt's from my recently self-published book "Black nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {mental death}". My Queen Siri is doing the reading and the background music is quite dramatic indeed. Check it out here...
  6. Madara x

    Digital Book launch of "Black Nomad - Dhimashada caqliga {Mental Death}"

    Greetings Fellow Somali's, I've recently self-published my first digital book. Book title: Black Nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {Mental Death} Book abstract: This book examines the public education system of the city of Toronto with a qualitative and ethnographic lens. In the first few chapters...
  7. B

    What are you currently reading?

    Thought we could create this thread. I searched and there's nothing like it. I'm currently reading Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews.