1. Suldaanka

    Waa La Xasuuqayda Badan Iyo Xabaalahan Aynu Soo Faqayno Iska Dayno Ma Inagaan Xasuuq Gaysan"Beesha S

    I totally agree with his statement. Let bygones be bygones. If not let everyone start grieving. I guess he himself wad fighting as well. @Nuur Iidaan ninkaan waa adeerka
  2. Wei

    Somaliland attack on Puntland Imminent(Garowe is within reach).

    Garowe is within reach guys(our commanders told us months ago). Everyone(Isaaq) leave that toxic thread and let us join as one, in our hatred for Puntland, i feel the tension decreasing, who's with me:ulyin:
  3. Bohol

    Lets all appreciate the work of the boys of B town

    12 + terrorists exterminated + 30 injured in Ceel Afweyn is impressive feat by the boys of B town. They are hard on terrorists and never take prisoners.