black women

  1. NAAFO

    Soo Gaala please it isn't just us

    Following much observation on this forum on a topic that has been much sought after as a source of contention I'm here to inform you that this is an issue that affects many communities especially other black and african cultures the point of this post is to dispell certain misconceptions, myths...
  2. CaliTedesse

    I've started to grown a liking again for Black women

    Not Somalian women(sorry- not my taste) . I like me some mixed Black women with good hair or like caramel or browny with sort of good curly hair. And don't say oh you are beating around the bush those basically look like Somalian women, no they don't they look completely different Somalian women...
  3. D

    What is happening to Somali men in North America?

    I know Somali men be getting all types of women but black women? :jcoleno: On the side note, black men are getting cucked. :ohhh: