black lives matter

  1. Sleepy Hollow

    Say His Name, Elijah McClain

    They murdered an innocent young boy who spent his time playing the violin for kittens:mjcry:
  2. Invader

    Slave Trader Statue in Bristol toppled

    The Slave Trader who spent all his earnings developing Bristol. La howla Riots are going to come.:tocry: Cadaans,Madows,Sudanese,Somalis,Kurds,Arabs,Persians in union stripped it down. Big up my city Brizzle doin this. Our diverse and liberal shall strive forever.
  3. Abdisamad

    Some funny cartoon depiction of sj, blm twitter *******

    This is too funny :russ:
  4. Yungmulababy23

    Black Girl pretends to be a Trump supporter; scams $150K

    This girl pretended to be a Trump supporter, said her parents disowned he and asked for donations.
  5. Yungmulababy23

    Anti white youtuber exposed has a white wife

    This man make thousands of dollars race baiting blacks into hating whites he even said do not date, them but it turns out he has a white wife.