black lives matter

  1. Sleepy Hollow

    Say His Name, Elijah McClain

    They murdered an innocent young boy who spent his time playing the violin for kittens:mjcry:
  2. Invader

    Slave Trader Statue in Bristol toppled

    The Slave Trader who spent all his earnings developing Bristol. La howla Riots are going to come.:tocry: Cadaans,Madows,Sudanese,Somalis,Kurds,Arabs,Persians in union stripped it down. Big up my city Brizzle doin this. Our diverse and liberal shall strive forever.
  3. Abdisamad

    Some funny cartoon depiction of sj, blm twitter

    This is too funny :russ:
  4. tyrannicalmanager

    old insightful video about apartheid south africa

  5. Yungmulababy23

    Black Girl pretends to be a Trump supporter; scams $150K

    This girl pretended to be a Trump supporter, said her parents disowned he and asked for donations.
  6. Yungmulababy23

    Anti white youtuber exposed has a white wife

    This man make thousands of dollars race baiting blacks into hating whites he even said do not date, them but it turns out he has a white wife.