1. 486th President

    It’s Stephan A Smiths Birthday

    It’s his birthday post some of the best memes and videos about him for all the great moments he made all the memes and sh*t and commentary truly a comedic goat in my eyes I would swim in the core of the sun for this man amazing
  2. Helios

    Happy Birthday Haile Selassie!

    @xabashi :silanyolaugh:
  3. CaliTedesse

    Why do babies look so ugly when they get born

    Yeah yeah stop the drama. How can you say such a thing???? Shame on you??? Stop it!. Am I seriously the only one that thinks this?
  4. Jeesto

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday to all Somalis who's birthday is on Jan 1st(95% of the somali population:hemad:)