1. alien


    I'm posting photos of ethnic Africans and people of the African diaspora. This will include photos of people of ethnic African descent. NORTHERN AMAZIGH - Inhabiting the northern Tamazgha region, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. They are naturally Lighter skinned because close proximity to...
  2. Bossanova

    Skin Care: What Do You Use On Your Face?

    Hello, I’m a guy and I’ve been recently getting into taking care of my skin and I’d like to know what the ladies here are using. I’m using Cerve wash and moisturizer. I have oily and pimple prone skin. Anything I should avoid and/or put in my routine.
  3. Veteran

    Somali Nature Thread

    I will be dedicating this thread to posting natural beauty of all the regions in Somalia. Add pictures yourself if you want to.
  4. L

    Hodan Nalayeh
  5. L

    Instagram vs. Reality

  6. Ramen


    Im going to dress up as a fob and scare kids. Imagine a girl with white powder on her face with block eyebrows walking towards you at 1am scary right?!
  7. L

    11 Wonderful Things that Could Happen If You Go to Bed an Hour Earlier
  8. L

    What is Beauty?

  9. L

    Beautiful From The Inside Out
  10. Zach

    Cardi B hotter than a Somali?

    Salam Guys, So I was listening to Cardi B „I like it“ and I heard that she said that „hotter than a Somali“ and I was shocked for a moment, like did she really just said that? Since it was on the radio, I couldn’t repeat it but I found she did! “I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say...
  11. chosen one

    Somali women before vs after

    Ancient times 2018 :meleshame:
  12. Vanessa

    Somali looking model from Victoria's secret teaches...

    Master class in glowing skin. She's so effortless that she put shame on drag-looking girls on instagram.
  13. S

    I need y'all to see the beauty of my home-town in all its glory. This is how a real town looks like!

    :mjkkk::mjhaps: This is where I'll take the lesbian crew of @Batuulo and @VixR
  14. L

    Reer Australia

    I just found these mighty fine gazzels :banderas: The one on the far left is prettiest of them all mashallah:lawd: If i had ten apples, i would give her 4. ya allah:mjhaps:
  15. I've spoken

    Somali Gay Posts Youtube Video

  16. Prince Abubu

    SOMALIA Somalia's Beaches Thread

    Where is Adale and how can I get there?:banderas::ahh: