1. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    Men should take more pride in looking handsome

    How is it that much of the Horner community nowadays sees a man taking pride and care for their appearance as being lesser or effeminate for doing so? The popularity of buzzcuts, prevalence of men who seem to have a phobia of shaving yet are unable to grow any sort of respectable looking facial...
  2. alien


    I'm posting photos of ethnic Africans and people of the African diaspora. This will include photos of people of ethnic African descent. NORTHERN AMAZIGH - Inhabiting the northern Tamazgha region, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. They are naturally Lighter skinned because close proximity to...
  3. Bossanova

    Skin Care: What Do You Use On Your Face?

    Hello, I’m a guy and I’ve been recently getting into taking care of my skin and I’d like to know what the ladies here are using. I’m using Cerve wash and moisturizer. I have oily and pimple prone skin. Anything I should avoid and/or put in my routine.
  4. Veteran

    Somali Nature Thread

    I will be dedicating this thread to posting natural beauty of all the regions in Somalia. Add pictures yourself if you want to.
  5. L

    Hodan Nalayeh
  6. L

    Instagram vs. Reality

  7. Ramen


    Im going to dress up as a fob and scare kids. Imagine a girl with white powder on her face with block eyebrows walking towards you at 1am scary right?!
  8. L

    11 Wonderful Things that Could Happen If You Go to Bed an Hour Earlier
  9. L

    What is Beauty?

  10. L

    Beautiful From The Inside Out
  11. Zach

    Cardi B hotter than a Somali?

    Salam Guys, So I was listening to Cardi B „I like it“ and I heard that she said that „hotter than a Somali“ and I was shocked for a moment, like did she really just said that? Since it was on the radio, I couldn’t repeat it but I found she did! “I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say...
  12. chosen one

    Somali women before vs after

    Ancient times 2018 :meleshame:
  13. Vanessa

    Somali looking model from Victoria's secret teaches...

    Master class in glowing skin. She's so effortless that she put shame on drag-looking girls on instagram.
  14. S

    I need y'all to see the beauty of my home-town in all its glory. This is how a real town looks like!

    :mjkkk::mjhaps: This is where I'll take the lesbian crew of @Batuulo and @VixR
  15. L

    Reer Australia

    I just found these mighty fine gazzels :banderas: The one on the far left is prettiest of them all mashallah:lawd: If i had ten apples, i would give her 4. ya allah:mjhaps:
  16. I've spoken

    Somali Gay Posts Youtube Video

  17. Prince Abubu

    SOMALIA Somalia's Beaches Thread

    Where is Adale and how can I get there?:banderas::ahh: