1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    BREAKING: NBA Players Can Smoke Weed Now

  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland Women's Basketball team volunteer to play against Djbouti & to raise awareness for child marriage after the SL team was denied by Islamists

    Mashalah, look how tall and beautiful is the Puntland Women's team is and on top of that they are offering their talent for free inorder to raise awareness on child marriage and FGM, that is one of a hella Noble cause and selfless act l, Mashalah I am proud of them, I hope they win against...
  3. Boogie

    Start Lamelo ball

    He is shooting way more efficient than Graham better defense better playmaking he should just start so he can develop more who agree
  4. Boogie

    Men come in guys

    I need advice I play basketball a lot and need to gain muscle/weight Right now I am skinny but not weak but need to gain muscle Any tips (btw I am 13) Also what u guys eat to gain weight?
  5. Odkac WRLD

    Young geeljire makes it to Snapchat featured stories.

    Nice shot, hit it in the khamiis too. :wow: go support fellow Somalis and subscribe to playoffmo on YouTube.
  6. Tukraq

    6'9 geeljire basketball player goes d1

  7. H

    1st Somali in the NBA

    Fathiya Abdi, a swedish pro basketball player of somali descent. she is the 1st somali person to play in the NBA she was drafted by LA sparks in 2012. @Jeesto @Xooshdheere @MadNomad @Waxwaalan @Merca