1. Mugi

    Sheikh Uways al-Barawi and the islamic anti-colonial resistance in East Africa

    First years of his life Sheikh Uways was born in Baraawe in 1847 and was ethnically Somali from the Tunni Dafaradhi clan. He was from a well-off family in Baraawe and his father al-Hajj Muhammad Bashir was a minor religious official in the city. As a kid he begann to learn more about the...
  2. C

    Qabil Football team vs Hashtag UTD.

    So apparently I stumbled upon a football game between a youtube football team and a country *cough* I meant city. So I'm like Barawa sounds familiar I wonder what kind of team they got. Then when it came to the interviews I see a guy that looks like Mohamed Salah and another Arab looking dude...