1. Oromia President

    Would You Marry A Bald Man/Female

    Wouldn’t mind if she’s a good Muslim that’s all I need in life Allhamdulilah 👩🏼‍🦲🧕🏼❤️
  2. K

    The hairline chart. (Geeljires GTFIH!!)

    How's your hairline abiihin waase? Is any of u Geeljiroids balding or do u have a full set of hair? Which one are u on the chart and state your age. Btw I dare u niggaz to post a pic of your hairlines :siilaanyolaugh: @Factz @Sheikh @World @yaanyuur @nine @Subeer @Shushue @Defendant @Abdalla...
  3. BanskiFaarax

    Why do abdis get bald at a young age?

    Most somali men i see (including me) are like 25% bald at age 16 and up. what's the reason we get bald so fast?.
  4. M


    Stay away from madow barbers or else you'll get bidaar in your twenties. All my boys who got their hair cut every 2 weeks to stay fresh all have bidaar now. The barbers they go to don't know how to treat soft hair properly. They are too rough on Somali hair that it eventually falls off. I...