1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Artists?

    David Bowie Pablo Picasso Andy Warhol Bob Dylan Brian Eno Jean Michel Basquiat
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    The "Entertainment Industry" Should Be A Valued Art. You All Couldn't Do What They Do

    For the simple reason, the entertainment industry has told stories and utilized the artistic expression of people who were supposed to be forgotten about. For that, I respect the arts.
  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    At 28, I Would Like To Somehow Get Involved With The Performing Arts

    As an hobby, on my free time. I did Drama/Theatre my 11th grade year and quit it because I was failing due to my shyness. However, I'm more outgoing now. My mother tells me it's not too late. However, I'd love to focus on my career while working on my passion which is the Arts. Any...
  4. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Environmental Activists Destroying Art, Your Thoughts?

    🤔 To me, that have become like the BEAST A HEATHEN.
  5. Ahmed Ali

    So bored (Somalis Artist)

    I have decided to create this topic since they isn't a section for Digital Art and traditional Art. On this topic you can share your Artwork If you have a portfolio you would like to share with us drop your link. Here is a Sketch of a Bruce Lee
  6. U

    Somali Museum in a Box

    Example of a box done about Somali culture/history: One of the main target audiences for these boxes is children, I can imagine this would be a good hands-on experience for them. Do you know the names of the objects? What would you have added?
  7. SultanuuFicaan

    Somali painting thread

    - 1919 oil painting - 1926 painting - (Miriam Kaib) - (Ali Kulmiye Halane) - Madar Osman