1. Ahmed Ali

    So bored (Somalis Artist)

    I have decided to create this topic since they isn't a section for Digital Art and traditional Art. On this topic you can share your Artwork If you have a portfolio you would like to share with us drop your link. Here is a Sketch of a Bruce Lee
  2. U

    Somali Museum in a Box

    Example of a box done about Somali culture/history: One of the main target audiences for these boxes is children, I can imagine this would be a good hands-on experience for them. Do you know the names of the objects? What would you have added?
  3. SultanuuFicaan

    Somali painting thread

    - 1919 oil painting - 1926 painting - (Miriam Kaib) - (Ali Kulmiye Halane) - Madar Osman