1. Odkac WRLD

    Support a Somali Artist

    Go run up my soundcloud I just dropped some heat ! undoubtedly, there will be haters please leave any constructive criticism for me to get better at my craft all input is greatly appreciated Remember all...
  2. Xtermix

    Any Artists here?

    I didnt seem to find an art section, but wondering if anyone here is interested in arts and media. I draw, and fiddle with animation. Also wondering if anyone that speaks decent (atleast understandable) af somali would be interested in ADR, fandubs of films, cartoons, anime. im especially...
  3. CanIDimo

    Will Amaal blow up?

    she is sooo underrated wallahi and that's coming from me @CanIDimo who hates on Somali girls(she's exceptional) i remember hearing amaal nuux's song with you and musafa, i love those songs and was surprised a somali made them i really thought she was gonna blow up big time and be the second...