1. Prince Abubu

    HISTORY Sada Mire's Book 'Divine Fertility' has been published

    Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa. Furthermore, in highlighting the...
  2. The alchemist

    A 9000 Year-Old Preshisrotic Settlement Discovered in Israel

    It is one of the largest neolithic excavation site ever discovered in the region, and it is said to have had up to three thousand people living there. Link
  3. The alchemist

    Archaeologists Discover Earliest Greek Building Complex

    "The complex of 60 marble buildings dates back 4,600 years and was discovered on a tiny mountain-peak-shaped island off the coast of the Aegean island of Keros. Specialists began excavating the site four years ago, but it is only thanks to more detailed data analysis over the past 12 months...