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  1. CanIDimo

    Why are Muslims happier in non-muslim countries

    It seems every western country you go to nowadays there are Muslims, not only muslims from War tone failed states like libya, somalia,iraq and syria Even Muslim from stable countries like egypt, morocco,turkey,Algeria,saudi are desperate for a life in christian countries the poor muslims are...
  2. CanIDimo

    geeljire praised by madows after being racist to Ayrabs.

    In today's episode of somali men's superiority complex. is this what somalis are on now?? not only are we befriending and gaining respect from alt rights but now we are creating alliance with anti mohammedan blacks ??:ileycry:
  3. Hades

    Desert Shootout in Egypt: Over 50 killed

    The officials say the death toll could increase. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media. Menna Zaki, The Associated Press CAIRO -- At least 54 policemen, including 20 officers and 34 conscripts, were killed when a raid on a militant hideout...
  4. Volcahoooees

    Did anyone hear heard what happened today in a شعبي(rural) area :wow1: Apparentally some terrorist fuckers were planning on qarxising Makkah al Mukkarama and the people praying there :kanyehmm:this is getting out of hand @Duke of Bohol...