arab supremacy

  1. CanIDimo

    china's extreme methods of dealing with arabization

    landhere china said there is no place for islam unless it can be in the mandarin langauge and script. subhanallah may allah help our muslim brothers. Muhammadan power :yousmart:
  2. CanIDimo

    geeljire praised by madows after being racist to Ayrabs.

    In today's episode of somali men's superiority complex. is this what somalis are on now?? not only are we befriending and gaining respect from alt rights but now we are creating alliance with anti mohammedan blacks ??:ileycry:
  3. Ahmed Alawi

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says Ethiopians are the lowest human form

    In this glorious and deservedly famous hadith, Muhammad achieves two goals: He highlights Ethiopians as the lowest human form to serve as a powerful contrast to a leadership archetype He assigns an offensive physical stereotype to Ethiopians, comparing them to dark, wrinkled fruit This is...
  4. Madara x

    Medieval Propaganda: In the middle ages, what did Arabs and Europeans say about Africans & Africa?

    Greetings fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 2.0 of my "New world order" video presentation series. Please watch the section below, and give me some feed back on my youtube channel and on this thread... “If you...
  5. I

    Why do Somalis hate themselves?

    I've noticed alot of Somalis will not admit to being Somali or they will tell non Somalis their clan father was an Arab to lessen the shame and increase the pride. I've seen this happen twice. Why is this?