1. The Somali Caesar

    LOL Covid proof Face ID for the latest IOS update

    You can wear your mask and it’ll still recognize you by your eyes. Technology is starting to creep me out I can’t lie :jcoleno:
  2. OffTheDome

    Apple down bad...

    550 bucks?!?!? That's a whole PS5 plus an extra controller :idontlike:
  3. Suhaib

    Marriage of American Muslim man and Somali girl in Garowe

    Mashallah :2tjlv3e:
  4. ethan bradberry

    whats the most beautiful city in somalia?

    mogadishu hargeisa ceerigaabo bossasso garowe maydh jowhar kismayo merca personally am going for merca, my biimal cousins are truly blessed:banderas: