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  1. Guts

    One Punch Man Season 2 Discussion!

    Well if you haven't heard about it season 2 of OPM is out after 3,5 long years. If you have watched the first episode of this season you will realize that the animation style is kinda different and this change is because of the animation studio got changed from Madhouse (season 1) to J.C Staff...
  2. Xooshdheere

    Talented Somali Artist

  3. Neo-Nidar

    So does any Somalis here like Anime and Manga?...

    I've seen like two people here with Anime icons, wonder if there are like more? I only follow few typical mainstream Shonen stuff like One Piece and Dragon Ball, and few Seinen stuff Attack on Titan and Parayste. So what about you guys?