alt caucasian

  1. H

    Cadaans on reddit FUMING at Black Hawk Down karbaash picture

    Damnnnnn we're getting dragged harder than that soldier :mjlol:
  2. abdullah233

    Sspot general section since COVID lockdown

    Akh right alt cacusian movement Gender wars Blm threads and faygate Rer Sweden vs uk And now tiktok threads
  3. R

    There's real life consequences for the Caucasian roots of Somali people In 2011, a skeleton of a deceased woman was found in Washington state, USA. Upon forensically examining the skeleton police thought they were looking for a Caucasian of some...
  4. Helios

    Addressing The Alt-Caucasian Movement

    The problem with these folks is a misunderstanding that the modern phrase for Caucasian is an easy way to refer to ethnic European inhabitants of the Western world and beyond. Somalis may be "Cock_asian" on the books, but n1gger is still an insult directed at you You will never be Cock_asian...