1. C

    Watch the video very beneficial Insha’allah

    I hope we can help our country but we can’t if foreign dictators destroy our country because of the geopolitical advantage it has for them (the USA and their allies). We have a puppet as our president, Al-Shabab is made by the US and Xalane the fortified base is controlling our country. I am a...
  2. GAZA

    NEWS Ugandan Army Defeats Al shabab

    AUN all 185 of them inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un How did they manage this? Some say it was a airstrike and others say it was drones
  3. $

    AL-Kaafir Kill Somali Aid Worker in Gedo

    Why????? :faysalwtf: Somalia: Humanitarian worker gunned down in Bardhere town BARDHERE, Somalia- Suspected Al Shabaab assassins gunned down a Somali humanitarian worker in Bardhere town of Somalia's Southwestern Gedo region on Tuesday night, Garowe Online reports. Two men armed with...
  4. Abdalla

    Breaking news: Al-Shabab captures another town from Galmudug It's the second town Al-shabab captures from Galmudug within 48 hours...