1. Madaxkuti

    Somali airports: A case study

    Firstly, I found out that hargeisa airport has now overtaken mogadishu airport in terms of passenger flights( Obviously mogadishu airport has more military and UN flights). It has more arrivals and departures (for passenger flights) than mogadishu and more international airlines fly there. See...
  2. waraabe

    Air Arabia starts Hargeisa flights

  3. T

    PUNTLAND Galkayo Airport Development

    Mashallah, Puntland is going from strength to strength. Inshallah with 3 decent airports, 2 nice ports and all of our cities connected with highways we will finally access the development we need to further our state's growth.
  4. M

    Bosaso Airport Runway Drone View

    They did well to award a Chinese firm instead of a local one.