1. V

    Somali air traffic controllers UNITE

    Hi I am currently looking for careers to go into and air traffic control is one I'm specifically looking into however no one I know does it. I have asked everyone my uncle, my friend, my friends brother and my friends brothers cats babysitter etc. On top of that its a white nepotism-ish field...
  2. JamalFarah

    Heavy weaponry post-embargo , why it's taking so long to acquire them.

    Ever since the embargo has been lifted, everyone's been wondering how long it'll take for the government to acquire real heavy weaponry, like bomber aircraft, heavy artillery, or armored vehicles. One reason is obvious: money. These things cost money, involving political maneuvering, technical...
  3. Manafesto

    SEAL Team 6 Air-Assault in Somalia Mission Video: Operation Celestial Balance-Kill Arab Terrorist

    SEAL Team 6 Air-Assault in Somalia: Operation Celestial Balance | September 2009 Comments full of fake news and lies,SNA didn't even exit back then. :pachah1:
  4. Crow

    Al Shabaab is training to do a second 9/11 Al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, the terrorist group’s largest and most active global affiliate, has issued specific new threats against Americans in East Africa and even the United States, U.S. commandos, counterterrorism...