1. 486th President

    An Ethiopian will destroy the Ka’baah

    :ooh: A lot of people don’t know but the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) predicted an Ethiopian man will destroy the Ka’baah and that the son of Mary will fight and destroy the army of Zul-Suwayqatayn (The Ethiopian) One of the last signs of the Day of Resurrection is the destruction of...
  2. Marshall D Abdi

    Who knew Oromo had a kingdom in India

    pass it to 1:34 n watch it
  3. SultanuuFicaan

    Haile Selassie on Somalis in 1958 and his opinions regarding French Somaliland

    Question: The future of the Somali peoples living in the territories bordering on Ethiopia under the rule of the three powers has been the object of speculation in some foreign newspapers lately. While some appear to have grasped the problems that have to be dealt with in the future, they often...