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  1. PuntiteQueen

    14 dead in renewed clashes in Dalsan, Kismayo district, Jubbaland,Somalia

    :yloezpe::yloezpe::yloezpe::yloezpe: Why are Somalis so dumb. Surely, there can be some kind of system that allows ALL nomads to graze. Why are we fighting over land in the year 2020? 14 men GONE. AND THEN SOMALIS WILL COMPLAIN THAT THEY ARE LAANGAAB IN AFRICA.
  2. PuntiteQueen

    Corrupt N&N government and Norwegian Foundation scam another EU funded project in Mogdishu

    15 Million where? It's the same old stadium with a paint job and new turf. N&N Bots are outrageous. Being a Somali politician is an easy job for hustlers, your loyal followers worship and defend you whilst you rob them blind.
  3. PuntiteQueen

    Puntland Police on Alert as Somalia Terror Threat Moves North

    AlShaydan can never take Puntland unless their real foreign sugar daddies actually bring their warplanes and tanks lol. The last time they tried to invade Puntland they were barbecued and humiliated. Sorry, but DAL UDUG LAMA QABSADO.
  4. PuntiteQueen

    Puntland Police on Alert as Somalia Terror Threat Moves North

    Jiron, locals know each other but don't know the IDPs! IDP's are the ones who are bribed and "turned". I think all Somalis need to return to their original lands so that people can actually know each other and maintain security.
  5. PuntiteQueen

    Breaking News Explosion by a suspected suicide bomber in Garowe

    Didn't we predict that those demons would start? AUN the Governor. Puntites don't die, we multiply.
  6. PuntiteQueen

    N&N and Qatar political stunts(Igu Sawir)

    As long as Somalis treat civil servants like celebrities, they will get away with all sorts of crimes.
  7. PuntiteQueen

    Human Rights Watch exposes Mogdishu warlord Farmaajo for commiting crimes against humanity,murder and corruption

    @Manafesto Great topic. This is what bots do, they deny and then derail.
  8. PuntiteQueen

    President Deni relaxing in Eyl

    Do you know what I don't like? Those Southerners who visit Eyl but refuse to use the name "Puntland" when they post. It's on purpose. Let them bring in tourist dollars but I can see their subtle ways
  9. PuntiteQueen

    Pan Arab state

    Absolutely not. Just because we allegedly had ancestors from the Levant a VERY long time ago, doesn't mean we are Arab associates.
  10. PuntiteQueen

    Nigerian economist exposes the endless cycle of debt relief

    How anyone can trust or believe N&N is beyond me. They cannot even focus on the most basic task: fighting AlShaydan. All of their actions are purely money and power motivated.
  11. PuntiteQueen

    N&N conference on destroying Puntland

    Wow, if true, he's a sicko that needs to be locked up @Al-Burcaawi @Younes Osman We have a new wannabe kacaan lunatic group in charge.
  12. PuntiteQueen

    N&N conference on destroying Puntland

    Read Farmaajo's thesis. You are projecting your own beliefs onto a man who grew up benefitting from the former dicatorship. He blames Puntland's majority for stopping the former dictatorship. It is deeply personal for him.
  13. PuntiteQueen

    N&N goon triggered over Landers and Puntites repping their flags

    These bots are painfully dumb. 1. Somaliland's majority wants independence. 2. Federal States have their own flags=Puntland
  14. PuntiteQueen

    N&N conference on destroying Puntland

    Siyad Bare had the entire country helping him to kill MJs and we survived !! How do the Galmudug/Benaadir majority Hiiraab feel about Khayre and N&N?
  15. PuntiteQueen

    N&N conference on destroying Puntland

    Thanks Lex! TRANSLATION: Farmaajo has an advisor called Mohamed Abdi Yusuf on payroll, this man is a kacaan fanboy. This fanboy was once given 80 000 dollars and his SON was given the contract to build Cabudwaaq and Mogadishu Airports. Mohamed Yusuf hates the majority in Puntland and in...
  16. PuntiteQueen

    Viva La Opposition!

    You are right sis Shariif = father of Alshaydan Qoslaaye= sold Somali girls Cabdishakur= sold sea to kenya Gaas= allegedly stole from Puntland In an ideal Somalia, these men would be locked up but we are not there yet. Since they have not been put on trial yet they still have the right to...
  17. PuntiteQueen

    Viva La Opposition!

    Somalis treat politicians like idols, they literally lay out a red carpet when these "idols" visit towns and villages to make irrelevant and fake promises. These civil servants should be working hard and delivering on their promises NOT posing for photo shoots in their expensive clothing...