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  1. Molotoff

    How do/did you guys/girls meet people/your spouses? If online, I ask on behalf of all my single somali friends, where online?

    I thought you were engaged to the son of a Bosniak imam?
  2. Molotoff

    Swedish somalis

    031 West Coast, vettu änna!
  3. Molotoff

    Swedish somalis

    @halwa @Nalle var är ni? Reppa Angered nu!
  4. Molotoff

    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    No filters. Literally. (filters being slang for condoms) :pachah1:
  5. Molotoff

    How long do you guys think the coronavirus will last?

    I think (and hope) that it will be calmed down by the beginning of June. Unfortunately, I think that we will get another wave this coming autumn. I worry not so much about corona. I worry much more about the depression and suicides that will come inevitably due to the economy being shut down.
  6. Molotoff

    Women and their love and lust for clout

    Why do so many women pathologically yearn for and love clout?
  7. Molotoff

    Will xenophonbia and anti-Chinese sentiments be widely accepted soon?

    Somehow I am finding it difficult to symphatize with them due to the communist regimes treatment of Uighurs.
  8. Molotoff

    Not Wanting Marriage

    Where I come from, we have a saying. A man has to be smart two times in life. When he chooses his call (profession) and who to marry. If he is not smart on those two occasions, he will have to be smart his whole life.
  9. Molotoff

    Are women more xaasid than men?

    Women are definetly more hasiid than men. They never forget anything either.
  10. Molotoff

    I wanna get a pizza

    Can you order Kapsalon too? I'll pay.
  11. Molotoff

    Whats the dumbest cure ''theories'' you have heard from the Whats-app scientists about the Corona Virus?

    That going to a sauna helps. The heat allegedly kills the virus. :pachah1:
  12. Molotoff

    Should China Pay the World Reparations?

    Yes. By the establishment of an Uighur Free State. With cultural, linguistic and every other autonomy possible.
  13. Molotoff

    The entire UK is clapping

    These are the people that don't ask questions or question everything and everyone, but actually get things done! All cred to them!!!!!
  14. Molotoff

    Ladies find a real man in Africa.

    Lol, all of the men you posted live in the West @Gibiin-Udug.
  15. Molotoff

    best coli/sspot emotes

    :ulyin: :chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh::russ::pachah1::banderas::damn::dead::denzelnigga::mjlaugh:
  16. Molotoff

    People with Blood Type A more likely to get coronavirus

    I am blood type 0 negative.
  17. Molotoff

    Coronavirus stockpiles

    People are overexaggerating. The media makes it only worse with their greedy clickbaiting. Went to two local stores these days and the shelves were well filled. Public transportation is almost empty, which is nice. As far as I am concerned, people can stay in self isolation for a long time.
  18. Molotoff

    The Somali Social Media Scene

    What are your thoughts about it? Who do you follow? There are a lot of Snapchat Somalis that I follow, first and foremost Life of Hanna. The weddings look so extravagant, these people are really living life to the fullest, corona or no corona.
  19. Molotoff

    Who is most underrated NBA player ever?

    Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac.
  20. Molotoff

    Coronavirus stockpiles

    People need to stop stockpiling in hystery and panic.