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  1. Baraf

    Ted Cruz booed in RNC

  2. Baraf

    What compliments do you get

    my skin tone
  3. Baraf

    Melanie trump rips of Michelle Obama speech?

  4. Baraf

    Nice France Attacker was Gay

  5. Baraf

    Turkey Coup

    Turkey is apart of he EU and abolished the death penalty but thinking of bringing it back for the demand of the people
  6. Baraf

    Nice France Attacker was Gay

    It's a false flag
  7. Baraf

    What do you identify as.

  8. Baraf

    What do you identify as.

    What he told me he converted to Orthodox Christianity for his Habesha girlfriend. He has said this many times.
  9. Baraf

    What do you identify as.

    @Bielsa @Khathead is an Orthodox Christian
  10. Baraf

    can your dreams imprint on someone?

    When I'm dreaming in my dreams I have memories that I think I'm familiar but that I'm not and its fake. It's a weird thing,
  11. Baraf

    Muslim women face fine up to 8000 wearing burkas in Switzerland

    :umwhat:Then what's the point
  12. Baraf

    Sex shouldnt be taboo

    Jabir reported the Jews would say: "Whoever goes into his wife's vagina from behind her, then his children will be cross-eyed." So Allah revealed: Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth when or how you will (2:223). Sahih Muslim and Jami at-Tirmidhi The ayah itself is evidence...
  13. Baraf

    Hodan Africa 'miss Africa ' song

    I like this song a little bit
  14. Baraf

    Lamagoodles begging Barawanis

    Say Bantu or Swahili because Negro is a derogatory term
  15. Baraf

    Lamagoodles begging Barawanis

    Why do you call yourself negro? @adetheprince subxanallah
  16. Baraf

    Nice hair

  17. Baraf

    Nice hair

    MashaAllah, Tiimo malas :stressed:
  18. Baraf

    Cadaan people are sick.