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  1. XamarWeeaboo

    Kenyan Special Force flexing on somalia

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yes. The KDF's special forces, the one you won't find, since they're lost half the time.
  2. XamarWeeaboo

    What diaspora do you come from?

    I come the Somali-Somali diaspora.
  3. XamarWeeaboo

    Somalilands mighty army

    Some Cold war era weapons are "might". LOL, try again sxb
  4. XamarWeeaboo

    Lesbian (Somali-new Canadian) rapper dodges death (in Uganda and Somalia).

    What is the point about posting this here? I'm not being rude, just wondering.
  5. XamarWeeaboo

    Puntland Danab Soldier Killed. AUN

    They are the enemy of Somalia. Without them, Somalia would be able to progress a lot more, instead we are in a stalemate and everyone's pointing fingers at everyone except themselves. Don't use the dead to further your B.S
  6. XamarWeeaboo

    How the hell has there still not been a famous Somali male RnB singer?

    Ha wa fahamti sxb. Thanks for clearing that up. As for the drug thing you mentioned, I can only point the blame at the home life. A farther that's hardly ever there for the kid to look up to, leading to some familial issues later on down the line and mothers who are doing everything, resulting...
  7. XamarWeeaboo

    How the hell has there still not been a famous Somali male RnB singer?

    1. Somali men aren't good at singing, especially in english let alone Somali. 2. Singing and music is heavily frowned upon in Somali society. The parents push their kids to achieve the impossible. 3. I'm gonna quote Somali mothers, since they care more about their kids future than the farther...
  8. XamarWeeaboo

    SNA was meant to be 18,000 strong and from ALL states!

    The problem is that the people from the FMS sent to the SNA are more loyal to their qabiil than to the nation. Not only that, but the head of each states "army" want a formal "General" rank in the SNA. Another problem, the largest IMO, is that no one wants to follow the central/general staff's...
  9. XamarWeeaboo

    The Fate of Ahmed Diini, Siad Barre's Grandson.

    I don't think this has anything to do with religion. Mostly just the British reassuring Somaliland that they've got their back.
  10. XamarWeeaboo

    Saudi getting severely karbashed by Houthi's

    Vietnam anyone? Also, I think I saw a bradley IFV which costs roughly $3.5 million up in smokes. Quite literally bloody hell the Saudis are incompetent. Apart from Yemen, Iraq and the Syrians the rest of the arabs are just paper tigers. Even Djibouti could beat them.
  11. XamarWeeaboo

    I found a Abdi

    He looks like a Somali Daithi De Nogla
  12. XamarWeeaboo

    Edna adan goes into kenyan tv

    "Anglo-Ethiopian, Anglo-French, Anglo-Italian borders" kulaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya Allah I'm dying here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXD
  13. XamarWeeaboo

    Alcohol set to be subsidised and more available at 2022 World Cup in Qatar

    It's the government that's welcoming them, not the people. And I can guarantee you that a lot of places will refuse to serve alcohol and the LGBT community.
  14. XamarWeeaboo

    Somalias progressed alot under Farmaajo

    He did, we just don't have the capabilities to defend it yet.
  15. XamarWeeaboo

    Saudi Arabia Opening Up To Tourism, why?

    What do you mean by this?
  16. XamarWeeaboo

    Saudi Arabia Opening Up To Tourism, why?

    Ahlu-Sunnah is defending them and I believe that a few are national monuments. AS are cowards, not even the Italians dared to touch them, Mussolini even declared a death sentence to those that touched the tombs of Islamic Saints in Eritrea, Libya and Somalia, yet some Saudi wanna-be's think they...
  17. XamarWeeaboo

    How to "shukaansi" a lady

    Why have 3D women when you can have 2D women who'll never cheat on you. max out your credit cards or pester you 24/7? LONG LIVE THE 3D WAIFUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say ameen my brothers,sisters and apaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. XamarWeeaboo

    Anyone else have pet dogs? I'm planning on getting a German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher?

    Assuming you live in the US, just get a gun. Perhaps moving into a low crime city/neighbor hood? Understandable. Would depend, I've seen, with my own eyes, dogs run away from people who're being robbed. To each their own I guess. Also, if you don't mind me asking, why do you call your...
  19. XamarWeeaboo

    Anyone else have pet dogs? I'm planning on getting a German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher?

    Why? Cat's are more low maintenance, if you'd want a large pet or get some hamsters or fish. Also, why do you want a dog?
  20. XamarWeeaboo

    Civil War is imminent in Jubaland, as Farmaajo sends an Army to Gedo to confront Beesha Ahmed Madobe

    Why does one of the soldiers have a diving mask on, along side his other equipment???