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    “Im not black” Somalis be honest.

    I explained many times why Somalis are not black and the only response I get from some of these people is that the police will will target you the same way :what1:
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    Cringy TikTok Somali Decides to Come Out

    Is it the Akafi yute? Can't see coz it says the video doesn't exist.
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    Mexicans with a chainsaw says don't let these madows lie to you

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    UK Somalis come in

    A lot realised they've made a mistake after moving here. They realised UK is a third world shithole compared to where they were. A lot have fallen to being victims of knife crime & gun crime or in jail for stabbing / shooting someone. With the exception of Sweden now, these type of crimes are...
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    Reddit co-founder resigns, and asks for a BLACK person to replace him

    Virtue signalling at its finest :mjlol:
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    So called Somali influencers and their fake numbers

    Doesn't necessarily mean they are buying followers. It's impossible to get a 100% engagement out of your followers. At most only 10 - 35% will like your stuff everytime you post something. For example, there's less people that began following you since day one that continue to engage with your...
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    Black vs Latino race war in Chicago

    At least Somalis got nothing to do with this
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    NACLATULAH to SJW Xaliimo females! Video is circulating of them praying JANAZA on ninkii Madoowga ahaa ee qoorta looga istaagay

    Nigga was a fucking pornstar and had armed robbery convictions and broke into a black woman's home. Imagine if that woman was Somali. :damn:
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    NACLATULAH to SJW Xaliimo females! Video is circulating of them praying JANAZA on ninkii Madoowga ahaa ee qoorta looga istaagay

    Might as well disassociate with Somalis altogether. At this point are we even the same people? :farmajoyaab:
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    Waa cajiib

    He was insulting Somali people as a whole and he hates Islam as well. He's one of those hebrew israelites :farmajoyaab:
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    Somali are African but not black
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    Waa cajiib

    It's not a video it was a comment on a YouTube live stream. Once the comments go by you can't go back to that point unless the live stream ends and you rewatch it a back to a certain timestamp.
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    Waa cajiib

    Like I said I don't have it and why would I lie about something like this? It's not far fetched to believe a Jamaican in the UK would hold these views.
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    Waa cajiib

    I really wish I took a screenshot I'm not even joking. He said Somalis are wannabe arabs and then praised Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali girls in Birmingham for coming out to protest BLM :farmajoyaab: This guy has a history for cussing Somalis
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    Waa cajiib

    I just saw some madow Jamaican cussing Somalis and at the same time praising Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali girls for coming out to support BLM in Birmingham. :farmajoyaab:
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    I don't get how being seen as victims will improve the situation of AAs

    How can you respect people that are always on the receiving end of racism that can't get power? AAs will forever be seen as victims. You can't respect people that are victims and unfortunately identifying yourself as black creates a constant perpetual cycle of victimhood which these BLM Somalis...
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    Somali man dies defending Xalimos from Nigerian thugs in India

    :snoop: AUN to him
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    I have changed my mind regarding Black Lives Matter

    I still wouldn't support that LGBT feminist organization.
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    I want to MOVE out of Minneapolis...

    Move to New York (not New York City) places like Buffalo, NY or Utica, NY.