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  1. Ibn Awf

    Who is a gamer?

    Pc gamer
  2. Ibn Awf

    How to maintain interest in women after having sex with them

    Stop sleeping with escorts would be a start
  3. Ibn Awf

    Suck on this British Somalis

    Britain's gay capital of course the majority are "landers"
  4. Ibn Awf

    Last day to register to vote

    Doesn't matter who you vote ahahah all you leftists remember your beloved labour party under Blair
  5. Ibn Awf

    A White Wrestler announcer is fired for his racist comments!

    Quality commentary
  6. Ibn Awf

    Wifi Speed

    Check if Hyperoptic is in your area 900mbps
  7. Ibn Awf

    Crypto Crypto markets

    Buy XRP. Hold 2 years. Pay tax. Enjoy being a millionaire.
  8. Ibn Awf

    Be Like Him..........

    Facts London electrician myself. Right now commercial gas engineers are in mad demand they easily make 60k+ on the books and homee by 2PM lol Hope is not lost we have like 7 apprentices and 2 are Somali straight out school
  9. Ibn Awf

    The current dawah scene within the U.K. is a mental asylum. Historical timeline

    You sound like a frustrated groupie
  10. Ibn Awf

    Serious Thread, What do you do for work and what is your current salary?

    Electrician, decant/easy money
  11. Ibn Awf

    School curriculum should include this!!

    Any Muslims living in the west better start homeschooling their kids or they'll come home claiming to be a gender-neutral agnostic
  12. Ibn Awf

    Revert practises vodoo on somali women

    UK of course haha, This is what happens when you have high majority of Somalilanderss
  13. Ibn Awf

    Habesha have been more nice to me than Somalis

    A 5ft6 Ethopian rat smiled at you and now thier some how great people, pleb
  14. Ibn Awf

    Ma Shaa Allah ilhaan Omar loves being around with Somalis

    You must be a proud LGBT supporter as well then
  15. Ibn Awf

    Any gamers here?

    Yeak uk
  16. Ibn Awf

    battle of benadir when somalis defeated protugal youtube video

    Somali history by a Oromo lover, No Thanks
  17. Ibn Awf

    Any gamers here?

    Only Pc, league of legends, Rust, H1z1, OSRS, Smite
  18. Ibn Awf

    Bro let this sink in please.......

    What are you doing to improve Somalia other then crying on a forum