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    “Talking white”

    When people say i speak white I precede to speak in Afaan Oromo while they react in confusion.
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    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    Is this not the same girl who said "university is a scam"? And so is your modesty taking off the hijab and now carrying a random guy's ciyaal. :mjlol:
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    Nimcaan Hilaac Is A Afar Shegato

    I am friends with a Afar guy with Cisse hoyo, does that count? :duck:
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    My niggas girl is 4 months pregnant with his child

    The seed has began to blossom. It's too late for him now, tell his ass to take care of his kid.
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    Nimcaan Hilaac Is A Afar Shegato

    We shall keep him tho, too much of a good singer for the Dankiil to take back!
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    Is Somalia the worst country to prepare for COVID-19

    You're going to tell me that hellhole Yemen and Syria are better off then Somalia?
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    Is Somalia the worst country to prepare for COVID-19

    My apologies, I was not clear enough. I am on your side with this, these Arab countries are much worse off then Somalia.
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    Eritrean women are the ideal

    They look like Somalis except with bigger eyes and a bit shorter not much of a difference vs Fatuumo Xaji from Xamar.
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    Somalia deports Somalilander

    LOOOOOOOOOL what happened to Isaaqland is not a country lmfao kkkkkk :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:
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    Retards in Somaliland line up for their dose of coronavirus, turns into riots

    We Garxajis are not known for the highest of IQ's. :fantasia2:
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    Is Somalia the worst country to prepare for COVID-19

    Yemen exists, Syria exist, Iraq exists, Libya exist.
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    Movies that mess with your mind

    1917 messed me up. :frdfvsb:
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    One Habar Yoonis and one Ciidagalle. Same subclade that was formed 750 years ago. I've litteraly heard of no E-M32 Garxajis. The dates and T1a positive Garxajis add up bro, its not a confederation.
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    Garxajis is not a confederation.
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    Nimcaan Hilaac Is A Afar Shegato

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    Halimo claims Jinn and spirits raped her

    it's not rape if the jinn asked for consent.
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    Male Genital Mutilation

    cut **** is best rated **** according to females.
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    Animals native to Somalia

    Nah that's not true. They are still around but rare to come by.
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    ideal personality in your life partner and compatibility

    crazy, funny, mature, and intelligent.
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    Animals native to Somalia

    I had a family friend who got her face eaten off by a Lion aun around the outskirts of Haregisa 8 years ago. Lots of these animals are still in Woqooyi Galbeed.