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  1. Mckenzie

    My niggas girl is 4 months pregnant with his child

    For 2 bills and airmaxes, i know someone with a mean punch who will do what it takes to make her un pregnant, hit me up:trumpsmirk::lolbron:
  2. Mckenzie


    I went from 0 to 100 at the age of 22, i'm dead serious sxb. If you have fluff there then there is hope.
  3. Mckenzie

    Men of SSPOT: Would you marry a woman in her 30’s?

    If you ask me, 30 yr old females should look for men in their 40s or near 40s, they will get along better. But how many men at that age are without kids? If you're lucky, he may be divorced and have wealth. 20-25 females can go for guys in their late 20s and early 30s.
  4. Mckenzie

    Viva La Opposition!

    I love @PuntiteQueen's passion, you should consider running for MP walal
  5. Mckenzie

    Divorcing a male that can't satisfy his female

    It happened at the time of the Prophet AS, a woman was able to get a divorce on the same grounds. I think with technology, pills and everything available today, there must be a way of improving sexual performance. Mida kale it's not always about size, if that was the case, no one would...
  6. Mckenzie

    The entire UK is clapping

    The UK doesn't deserve them, when this is all over i hope they get the right pay.
  7. Mckenzie

    Is the deformed head one (PM Kheyre) strategizing to be the President? He just appeared on a Western news channel

    He speaks the best English i've seen from a Somali politician, it's just a little unfortunate that the accent reminds me of my local Indian shopkeeper :lolbron:
  8. Mckenzie

    20 most influential men in Kismaayo politics of the last decade

    That last picture can't be him surely :mjlaugh:
  9. Mckenzie

    My Top 4 cities in Somalia

  10. Mckenzie

    My Top 4 cities in Somalia

    We will just ally with OG, bun hadii la waayo bedelkiisa ayaa la helaa:trumpsmirk:
  11. Mckenzie

    My Top 4 cities in Somalia

    Baardheere was an Ajuuraan town as recent as the last 100 years. This is another source, Luuq was ruled by the Gasaargude Suldaan and Baardheere was ruled by the Ajuuraan Suldaan.
  12. Mckenzie

    Why didn't the Islamic conquest reach East Africa

    Islam reached Somalia the same way it reached Indonesia, Bangladesh and many other Muslim countries - through trade and missionaries. The Somalis on the coasts and major towns like Harrar would have accepted deen first and slowly spread it to their kinsmen in the countryside. The biggest proof...
  13. Mckenzie

    How to get over your baggage

    No such thing as baggage if you're a guy unless you're talking about kids from a baby momma. If a girl has any emotional baggage from an ex, drop her instantly, she will never get over him or she will use you to heal and dump you too.
  14. Mckenzie

    My Top 4 cities in Somalia

    My top 4 Garbahaaray Buurdhuubo Doolow Caabudwaaq
  15. Mckenzie

    How would we implement 4.5 among us If Somalis took over the Holy sites in Islam?

    :pachah1:Somalis will extort each other for zamzam let alone manage the Haramain
  16. Mckenzie

    BREAKING: The wannabe Dictator ordered attack on Opposition leader's house!

    I have a feeling Farmaajo is a lot smarter than he looks. He can get away with this blunder by falsely saying there is alshabaab in the area.
  17. Mckenzie

    Trolley Problem: Who would you save?

    True simps would sacrifice their own life
  18. Mckenzie

    Shitposters coming up with thread titles after day 5 of isolation

    Bro i haven't had a trim in over a month, this is captivity and it should be illegal