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  1. SomaliSteel

    Chinese women eats a whole chicken alive.

    No wonder every damn disease starts there. No morality
  2. SomaliSteel

    Who is this cadaan guy obsessed with us?

    The are libertarians who hate "Big government". Therefore no government or weak govt must be a paradise.
  3. SomaliSteel

    Somali rapper supporting ex muslims and LGBT...

    He's probably a fag
  4. SomaliSteel

    Khaniis nation attacking miskeen family

    Inshallah Ilhan will lose her seat
  5. SomaliSteel

    BREAKING NEWS: Nasteexo exposes Liyah Mai falsely claiming to be SOMALI

    She is an escort, so who cares, we should keep our distance
  6. SomaliSteel

    Trigger Warning Korean Man Uses Black women For Sex and Scams them for Thousands Claiming Love on Youtube $$

    I would imagine he did the same for kpop halimos Korean man who found out how many desperate black kpop stans exist and made a youtube channel saying how much he loves black women. He then uses them for fast sex when they get to korea and gets them to pretend to be his girlfriend in his youtube...
  7. SomaliSteel

    Britain's most prolific rapist

    I know they are gay dudes but how was he attacking 60 plus dudes and no one killed him or beat his ass. If they were straight why go to a random niggas house to sleep drunk? wild.
  8. SomaliSteel

    Somali girl that left her family for icelandic guy she met on tinder

    Is there a law that a feminist must ugly herself up by cutting her hair and dying it different colors? egh
  9. SomaliSteel

    There are an estimated 1.2 MILLION Somali atheists active on social media

    Niggas really trying to get asylum out here. There are also 10 million Somali gays who need asylum because of fear for their lives 1 million Somali Jews who need to get to Israel
  10. SomaliSteel

    SELF PROCLAIMED Geeljire “sheikh” frm Hennessy-Land, who called Afro-Americans “bastards” apologizes

    What he said was not tactful but it was still true. Out of wedlock and no father in the picture is the norm for black americans and carribeans.
  11. SomaliSteel

    President Buhari of Nigeria attends a Somali and a Nigerian wedding.

    R.I.P to the Somali race. It is because of things like this we loyal men must take 40 wives maintain the population
  12. SomaliSteel

    pregnancy q&a: not being married, telling my mom, gender reveal

    Somali girls are fools it seems, doing all this for a jareer, of course it is out wed lock. Mental illness.
  13. SomaliSteel

    The world population in 2100

    We should be ok. Somalia 60 mill, and Greater Somalia should add another 40. 100 mill should be decent enough
  14. SomaliSteel

    Italian Somali is making big moves.

    Lol so a jareer took that name 'Italian Somali' Yeah no thanks
  15. SomaliSteel

    Impoverished Eritrean school-kids have higher test scores than Canada, Denmark, and Czech Rep

    Self reported by Eritrea. Likely BS. Canada is reporting real results
  16. SomaliSteel

    Somalis in The Student Room (Quotes)

    She is a ho. White guys parents have their head on straight as well. Each race should be with their own.
  17. SomaliSteel

    Somali girl hilariously parodies emotionally abusive Somali mom—people shocked at how spot-on it is

    Lol heard all of this word for word. Also you are referred to as being 30 the minute you hit 15