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  1. Balqisa

    Woow 1968 Xamar so beautiful-

    Xamar Mashallah:banderas:
  2. Balqisa

    Somalis that hate living in the West

    They're just homesick . :hillarybiz:
  3. Balqisa

    THIS POLL WAS LONG DO! XAMAR SECURITY out of control. Pick new city to move the capital to

    As if moving the capital would do anything:chrisfreshhah: The terror groups would just follow and create chaos there too:manny:
  4. Balqisa

    Arabs were not safe walking in Somali inhabited territories in 1801

    Ethiopians were colonized under the fascist Italian leader , Mussolini. Ethiopia was occupied by the Italians , but for a short period of time just like the Somalis. Somalia and Ethiopia are both known as countries in Africa that are very difficult to conquer as shown throughout history . You...
  5. Balqisa


    No. Where I live , people are segregated as the middle/upper class live in their own communities and the gated rich areas aren't close to the less fortunate.
  6. Balqisa

    Arabs were not safe walking in Somali inhabited territories in 1801

    Somalis were never slaves:comeon:
  7. Balqisa

    Somali men are the cause of obesity in Somali women.

    She's almost 50 and looks like that:jaynerd: Then again, these rich people can afford the best fitness trainers and food so its a bit of a sticky one:holeup:
  8. Balqisa

    Injera is now Dutch

    Ethiopia is suing the company so there's that:samwelcome:
  9. Balqisa

    Please name your kids authentic Somali names. Keep Somali names alive.

    Everytime I hear the name Boosteyo I think of a habaryar and not a baby:mjlol:
  10. Balqisa

    How important is it to you for your children to know Somali?

    It's very important to me . Its always good to know your mother tongue so there is no language barrier between you and your people back home.
  11. Balqisa

    President Farmaajo is living in his own bubble

    Locals can't be president because of the lack of education in Somalia:farmajoyaab:
  12. Balqisa

    Literal proof that U.K is Gaajo. Video.

    Glad us Canadians aren't part of it:samwelcome:
  13. Balqisa

    Sheikh Kenyawi Cafi Walaalka

    Leave it to z.oomalis to comment hateful things under a positive post:kodaksmiley::gucciwhat::susp:
  14. Balqisa

    One Of The Many Reasons I Despise Gulf Arabs

    B-but your name is Ameen....:mugshotman:
  15. Balqisa

    One Of The Many Reasons I Despise Gulf Arabs

    Cant see the vid
  16. Balqisa

    Somali girl tells the truth about

    Live your life. Why are you so invested in what other girls do ? They can marry any Muslim person they want . You have no right to dictate who a Somali girl marries . Stop being so judging and controlling:susp:
  17. Balqisa

    Somali girl tells the truth about

    Whats wrong with marrying reverts?
  18. Balqisa

    Will Amaal blow up?

    She's criminally underrated:mjcry: Her song mufasa is amazing:lawd: