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  1. Genesisx72

    How many siblings do you have(poll)

    That's sad
  2. Genesisx72

    If you had a gun pointed at you, which sspot member would you marry?

    The girls here can just get married without a prenup, divorce him the next day and take half his money ffs
  3. Genesisx72

    Acid attack in London

    There are worse things then an acid attack
  4. Genesisx72

    A close brother asked for my advice about his parents who don't pray

    Nah, Somalis are mostly very religious (especially the older gen). Even a lot of the younger ones are stricter Muslims than most Arabs, Asians, etc. Going to dugsi is something most Somali kids go through
  5. Genesisx72

    Woman beats up 19 yr old son

  6. Genesisx72

    Madow girls change their last name to match their step father

    IDK how people could accept step-parents into their family like that. It's obviously a good thing that they did but in my case, I just have too much pride for that shit to happen. :zhqjlmx:
  7. Genesisx72


    What are your thoughts/opinions on Bulgaria?
  8. Genesisx72

    Should A Student Lose A College Acceptance Over Past Social Media Posting

    The issue isn't what he said, it's that he was caught.
  9. Genesisx72

    Most disgusting video ever

    I can understand if this is a teen thing, but if you're above 25 and still believing in MGTOW or ***** stuff, that's kind of embarrassing.
  10. Genesisx72

    Favorite anime moments?

    What is your favorite scene/moment from any anime? Mine is from Steins gate 0 0:37 for the moment Wallahi makes me feel happy every time I watch it
  11. Genesisx72


    such a dead steam library
  12. Genesisx72

    Do u wish sometimes to be from other ethnic group?

    How can I regret the only life I've ever known?
  13. Genesisx72

    African Americans will get reparations

    This is such a stupid idea
  14. Genesisx72

    The most beautiful women PERIOD

    She looks like a BTEC Lana Rhoades
  15. Genesisx72

    The most beautiful women PERIOD

    Not even close lmaooooo
  16. Genesisx72

    Women who marry their deceased sister’s husbands!

    It's not a common thing lol
  17. Genesisx72

    NSFW Facebook fobs have no xishood

    that vagina anatomy picture is triggering my PTSD wallahi
  18. Genesisx72

    Favorite cartoon show growing up

    It's worth it tho
  19. Genesisx72

    Favorite cartoon show growing up

    Watch Stein's Gate sxb. Best anime ever