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  1. Shibbane


    Apo, what does the term non-outlier ethnic Somali mean? I find your posts very very informative but sometimes I get confused by your terminologies.
  2. Shibbane

    Binti Cumar Gacal

    She was gorgeous back in the day. Always loved Binti Cumar Gacal.
  3. Shibbane

    South Cushitic/Southeast African/Khoisan E1b1b1 came from the Northern Horn

    I think the Tana in Omo Tana refers to Lake Tana in Ethiopia, not river Tana in Kenya
  4. Shibbane

    Waaq / Eebbe and Cushites?

    I am not a waaqist but the name waaq is retained in somali names and place names e.g. Cabdwaaq, Ceelwaaq, etc
  5. Shibbane

    Buur Heybe Ancients

    Apollo, I thought in an earlier thread in response to a Somali Kenyan with E-M293 results from 23AndMe, you were responding that it was south cushitic? I am confused now by this pastoralist Red Sea Cushites reference for the same E-M293.
  6. Shibbane

    The Philosophy of Stoicism.

    Ryan Holiday is a modern practitioner of stoicism: https://ryanholiday.net/ He has a nice book called "Ego is the enemy".
  7. Shibbane

    We need to talk about somali fathers

    They look related though...could be cousins.
  8. Shibbane

    virgin faraxs and halimos how do you stay pure

    Just wank like 95% of men do. Bash the bishop.
  9. Shibbane

    TikTok Farax called out for acting Khaniis

    Why are people bullying this CHILD? If you are so strong, defend your country from its real enemies who have wrecked it for over 30 years. That's where your "masculinity" might actually be needed and make a difference.
  10. Shibbane

    Vivid Dreams

    Choking is simply acid reflux. See a doctor.
  11. Shibbane

    Dating out of your ethnicity

    Eritrean, don't mind one.
  12. Shibbane

    I never let people get too close to me, is this normal?

    Looks like you are reacting to modern bs friendships that are very shallow and opportunistic. If you befriend people because of their diin and akhlaq, then you will form deep bonds with them and will be your true self. I would say you are saying no to flaky friendships. Good for you.
  13. Shibbane

    R1b Aryan Somali

    Aah.. I see. This one I saw was even bragging how his ancestors were from Sicily.
  14. Shibbane

    R1b Aryan Somali

    There are Sheekhaals with R
  15. Shibbane

    Where'd he get the video of somali girl in jigjiga? A jamaican singer

    I think they got the video from Waris Diriye's movie Desert Flower.
  16. Shibbane

    Bantu Man With Macawiis And Kufi Sings About Pussy In Swahili

    I think that is Zanzibar, not Kenya.
  17. Shibbane

    Sheikh Kenyaawi destroys so called "educated "Xalimos

    No he is not. He is Makaahiil. I am ashamed to say I know him personally. Let's not argue about facts.
  18. Shibbane

    Sheikh Kenyaawi destroys so called "educated "Xalimos

    The sheikh is neither MJ nor Dhulbahante but Makaahiil.
  19. Shibbane

    A Somali male friend has been raped!

    There is a much easier explanation. You friend takes qat/khat. It induces hallucinations and nightmares mostly of a sexual nature. Like animals, mostly rats, crawling into all sorts of places and shid.
  20. Shibbane

    Do you personally know any somalis that have undergone plastic/cosmetic surgery?

    Iman got her nose fixed after she was involved in a terrible road accident early in her modelling career. Compare pictures from her initial 70s shoots to much later one.