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  1. Z

    to Somali Gaals

    One of the doctors botched my shit and now my cock looks like the elephant man.
  2. Z

    What do Somali men really want?

    I salute the abdi who gave reiko that A1 d*ck to stop her tyranny :mjcry:
  3. Z

    The Best UK rapper 21 savage has been deported by ICE

    Demi Lovato got fucked up by black twitter :yloezpe:
  4. Z

    Made Another Banger (SoundCloud Rapper from Australia)

    This is why we have a qashin section.
  5. Z

    Dumbass Somali pirates try to hijack a US navy ship

    When you're tryna find the one piece but the navy pulls up
  6. Z

    |Otaku Zone 2.0|

    Broooo Kimi no Na Wa.
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    What is on your mind right now?

    can't stop watching this
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    Who the sexiest female on the site?

    I can tell by your pupils you're ugly.
  9. Z

    About to lose virginity

    Normal Goku(no viagra) to SSJ3 Goku( viagra)
  10. Z

    About to lose virginity

    Don't use a condom and take half of a viagra pill.
  11. Z

    Somali twitter vs Black twitter; ongoing war

    This shit is so tiring I seriously give zero fucks now.
  12. Z

    Cadaans love kids.

    Probably one of the most fucked up things i've read. Really ruined my mood.
  13. Z

    somali geeljire official gym thread

    Recently benched the bar with no spotter.