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  1. mrlog

    The Last Person to be Hung in Wales Was Somali.

    sxb u do know that she’s OG right? She’s simply trolling :drakelaugh::drakelaugh:
  2. mrlog

    Report coming out of MN is stating that a 14 year old Xaliimo took her life last night

    @Basra walaalo I’ve heard of Doctors Without Borders, Laakin I’ve never heard of a reporter bilaa news waryaa @Grigori Rasputin bin iskoronyo awoowgaa la gubiwaa, where are the links or clips
  3. mrlog


    birds of a feather flock 2gether meaning he came at u couse u had doqon vibes u shoulda spat in his face
  4. mrlog


    yeah sure
  5. mrlog


    same here this Haitian girl once asked if I had morning wood everyday or only on some days. I froze for a bit and she asked if I was embarrassed. Told her naah. Next morning I sent her a selfie stick of my stick, if u get my drift rest is history
  6. mrlog


    no way Jose a geeljire would ask u this u need to apologise to us chop chop
  7. mrlog

    Genetics Sophisticate's 23andMe DNA Results (Aden Yonis)

    @Sophisticate what the heck, ur results :ohhh: at first I thought they seemed similar to mine :wtf: then realised they were mine :snoop: then it dawned to me that this scuppers my audacious plan to elope with u
  8. mrlog

    What valuable life advice would you give to a 20 something?

    NoFap is a mirage
  9. mrlog

    Anyone here deal with Acid reflux, gastritis, ibs, etc?

    thats wat happens when u go down on a side chick.
  10. mrlog

    What movie shall i watch?

    Ninyo I plead the 5th
  11. mrlog

    What movie shall i watch?

    watch ‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ I used to work in a mortuary during 1st year college. the acts in this movie were a regular occurrence that co-workers did. Even female co-workers did this. I kid u not
  12. mrlog

    2020 is predicted to be the WORST WINTER in History!

    walaalo can I tag along? we can to Mall ka kuyaal 24ga or even the hmong mall if u want to avoid Maryooleey. afterwards we can have 5 course meal at Safari
  13. mrlog

    Anyone here live outside the first world countries?

    sxb those trillions flowing thru NYC, T.dot, London etc ain’t of any use to geeljire’s living qaxooti lives driving Uber in the west. I’d rather be in Hargeisa, Bosaaso or Hamar chillin on the beach with Macawiis
  14. mrlog

    Anyone here live outside the first world countries?

    Yes I was also wilding out Came as a student with some change Then dibjirs from GTA like @Shmurda and ones from UK like @Garen and @Dawo come every summer and steal the limelight
  15. mrlog

    Haram police isn't a thing

    oo sheikh @IgaFuuq bin EssayWriter which is better Someone who adheres 5 pillars but smokes Or someone who does neither?
  16. mrlog

    Haram police isn't a thing

    sxb read it and give us highlights i am high as a kite and can’t be asked
  17. mrlog

    Anyone here live outside the first world countries?

    yes and no If u can afford 2 pay then Malaysia is just as good. India is a bit cheaper and you get more options.
  18. mrlog

    Anyone here live outside the first world countries?

    Malaysia Came here for school then got stuck Qalanjo @Basra is my only hope for getting into the west
  19. mrlog

    Faraxs it’s time to educate!

    sxb ‘blue chew’ never ending roller coaster
  20. mrlog

    Faaraxs, you want a woman like this?

    xiskaygani waab ku leedahay always remember that