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  1. halwa

    Qardho relief fund. Please donate:

    May Allah ease their pain and suffering and make it easy for them to survive this calamity.
  2. halwa

    Swedish somalis

    Tagging me in this Scanditrash :camby:I’m not Swedish:drakewtf: @Molotoff
  3. halwa

    How many sspot members have caught the Italian Virus?

    Way to make me look mean :kodaksmiley:
  4. halwa

    How many sspot members have caught the Italian Virus?

    You won’t be laughing once you contract it. @Samaalic Era Get well soon. Sending you duas your way.
  5. halwa

    How i guess what region a person is from with political bracelets

    Dishishe* @MSGA :kodaksmiley: :birdman:
  6. halwa

    Poll: Who is your favourite farax?

    He only knows the old 1940s gabays. He’s very well versed in such literature.
  7. halwa

    Poll: Who is your favourite farax?

    That’s my brother right there! Choose your next words very wisely :kodaksmiley:
  8. halwa

    Poll: Who is your favorite xalimo?

    Why, Eedo @Basra of course. Who can even reach her standards or wittiness? :it0tdo8:
  9. halwa

    Poll: Who is your favourite farax?

    Don’t worry. I saved us by voting for Kickz. :hillarybiz:
  10. halwa

    6 description, only 1 truth. Guess which one is the truth

    I curse lostbox for putting my name under those mentions.
  11. halwa

    Before they remove the this list, lets...

    Another person added to the blocked list.
  12. halwa

    My Xalimo crisis boot camp

    I agree with you 100%. You couldn’t have said it any better :samwelcome:
  13. halwa

    Sspot who would you listen to?

    You balance the situation out. Just because they’re your parents does not give them the right to come in between the relationship between you and your spouse. I would diffuse the situation and make them sit down. Your parents will always be your parents but my husband isn’t irreplaceable. I...
  14. halwa

    Which sspot users would get along in real life?

    I wouldn’t want to meet anyone irl from this place except for you and @Basra Expect me in Minnesota :salute:Eedo will show us around
  15. halwa

    Are you lactose Intolerant ?

    I used to be as a child but not anymore.
  16. halwa

    I ran away

    hon är jinni?? :mjlol:
  17. halwa

    I ran away

    Where you seeing @Molotoff ? That explains a lot of things :ulyin:
  18. halwa

    Muhammad Bire Appreciation Thread

    Who were you again? :hillarybiz:
  19. halwa

    I hate arabs therefore I changed my name

    The actions of a few doesn’t apply to everyone. Hate is a strong word.
  20. halwa

    Should somalis start anti-corruption protests for the betterment of Somalia?

    By ensuring the elders retire early and not giving anyone power who’s found their way into the system through bribing or other immoral ways. We shall only use democratic votes. But I’m assuming it will be a long shot before any of this works.