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    reer canada soo galla......... ppl flamin our slang/accent lmfao, unprovoked!

    What kinda bootleg London accent is this :drakelaugh:why don’t you guys just speak like Americans this accent sounds so forced
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    How tall are yall?

    1.88(6’2) I got blessed My dads only 5’10 but my grandfather was 6’4. Mother is 5’2
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    This is the end of conservative thought in the Somali diaspora

    Her dad probably miskeen lool
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    This is the end of conservative thought in the Somali diaspora

    I remember hearing she got ran thru by some Toronto rappers when she went there summer 2k18 :damn:
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    Do you consider Somalis to be Afro Arab or just African?

    Somalis don’t even speak Arabic, how can we identify as Afro-Arabs? Just because we’re 99% Muslims doesn’t mean we have to be Arab
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    ALZ - The Hotspot(disses 38)

    Publicity stunt, they’re just tryna get views
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    Rapper Top5 gets hostile with Interviewer after Interviewer compares Top5 to 6ix9ine

    Say wallahi this 5’3 calooley is terrorising the music industry in Canada :deadmanny::deadrose:
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    Messi confirms he wants to LEAVE - HUGE BREAKING NEWS

    Ur defo khaniis lol, every man with a hint of masculinity in him plays/watches football (soccer for u weird Americans) American football niggas have to wear protective armour when they play:deadrose:
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    UK gangiistar wilding in Xamar

    That’s not bandokaays set the guys who said that were some congelese niggas from Camden who’s friend got packed by Camden mali yutes, they didn’t do shit anyway lol
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    UK gangiistar wilding in Xamar

    They’re only talking about one gang in their area that’s predominantly somalis, not the ethnicity as a whole, they’re not going to be riding out on adeers and random ciyaal man use your brain :deadrose:
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    British Somali dude in Bristol goes on a #BLM rant.........

    This guy sounds like a clown
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    UK gangiistar wilding in Xamar

    The gun laws in the Uk are unbelievably strict, and the country is an island surrounded by waters, so illegal weapons from mainland Europe is near impossible to smuggle in unless your part of the mafia which even in that case is rare :drakelaugh: Anyone can buss a gun lmao requires no effort...
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    What's wrong with some somali men?

    I’m kinda surprised that Somalis are sayin they faced discrimination back high school days, I went school from late 2000s to mid 2010s in London in madow populated areas and Ive never seen somalis get bullied for their background? Some of u man needed to grow a pair wlh, imagine ur parents...
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    What's wrong with some somali men?

    I genuinely think some of these twitter Somali yutes got severely bullied by other Africans/Carribeans, moving like weirdos.
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    Somali goes off! ''I am Somali, I am black man, African man, not Arab!''

    The only somalis who can claim Arab lineage are reer xamars, stop being a beg man. We don’t speak their language or share any cultural relation to them apart from religion/political relations, this somali-Arab relation has been debunked so many times
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    I TAKE BACK my sympathy for the 18-year-old geeljire who killed a pregnant Lady. He comes on social media to say..

    Might wanna share a link or screenshot to keep us up to speed cos at this point your just talking to yourself when none of us have a clue :deadpeter:
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    Richi (MaliStrip) confirms he saw the light and stops making music

    Went on deen kulaha, he got locked up and is staying lowkey Only Somali rapper to have left the music life from the UK is solo ldn
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    Drake using Mali slang again: tries to holla at Maya Jama

    Imagine losing composure cos of some yahuud marketing genius incorporating a couple somali words in his songs :damnmusic:
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    London rapper OFB and his goons forcing girls to twerk and stripping them naked.

    Did she expect these guys to be civilised gentlemen? Her fault for linking up with 10+ hoodrats by herself, what was she thinking lmao
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    Indhayar took in a famous mentally ill TIKTOK homeless geeljire.s” Says “ he made my females uncomfortable “

    Fucking indoyaar Jackie chan taking advantage of the mentally ill, this guy needs help from our community