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  1. riyaale

    Secret to losing weight!

    The actual secret to losing weight is to find out why you gained weight in the first place. First, begin digging in to your life to find the root cause or causes in your inability to lose weight like: good feeling escapism stress trauma sugar addiction processed foods and fast food...
  2. riyaale

    What type of music u listen to?

    I like to listen to all kind of beats hip hop, trap, hard.But I stay away from lyrics because all the time they talk abt killing, money, women, drugs, ballin bragging and etc. what happens is when u start listening to other people they start creating things in your mind and feelings that you...
  3. riyaale

    The contrepreneur formula

    I have been thinking about scams alot recently just how easy it must be to get a scam up and running in this day and age of internet and I came across this video and it blow my mind
  4. riyaale

    Financial intelligence

    I just realized the main reason why people are poor because they don't have financial intelligence. When u realise making and understanding money is a skill u learn just like u learn new language You have to learn it, learn the vocabulary, practice it. Well money is the same thing, it's a...
  5. riyaale

    Are Aboriginals Black?

    No, they're not. they've been dated back to paleolithic period 50,000 years' ago, stop feeding into the afrocentrist like @BetterDaysAhead . They're different metabolically and genetically from sub saharan African https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/people/reference/aboriginal-australians/
  6. riyaale

    Is dir grave located in dirdhaba?

    It's dirir or dir dhabo which means dir = tribe dirir = fight, quarrel dhabo = rise , move up it is where dir's fought Italians
  7. riyaale

    Kenyan politicians steal AID money world bank exposes them!

    Kenya's economic is dependent on aid money and khat money. z00 malis are the one's enabling them f>kin 68 curse
  8. riyaale

    Are Somali Ethiopians the underachievers of the community?

    at least we didn't lose our culture and language to madow. Indians have more power and representation than nfd Somalis
  9. riyaale

    What is your favorite song?

  10. riyaale

    Silent Genocide in Arakan, Burma

    just like the east africa protectorate where significant Indian migration to modern day Kenya began in 1895 and 1901. British gov brought in labourers from India to construct railways and now these cockroachees conteol media in Kenyan and instigate hate against Somalis in nfd
  11. riyaale

    300 IQ soo gal

    all mainstream artists are either gay or paedophiles
  12. riyaale

    Pregnant British Somali girl almost shanked to death by her ex-lover

    how tall one ve to be to live in amidget room like that? and why r they filming it in abedrooms? u.k gaajo jajaja
  13. riyaale

    A polish man coughed on me

    only spray when they lay their hands on u and get a folding knife
  14. riyaale

    A polish man coughed on me

    u should've trusted ur creep alarms and took a different route,also get urself oc spray
  15. riyaale

    Trump is a real man wallahi

    Donald Trump looks like the type guy to say vachina instead china rageedi
  16. riyaale

    Onlyfans girl says stop shaming girls on onlyfans

    they're already sentence to life in simpness jajaja
  17. riyaale

    Current Affairs Samiya Lerew- An Eritrean who hates ethnic Somalis, has registered a political party.. in Somalia!

    Eritrea is miles ahead of us? Eritrea and Ethiopia are brothels of horn of Africa jajaja Gulf countries are pastoralists and proud of it and all doing good
  18. riyaale

    Should i get married back home?

    "life" is like running through a minefield not just marriage
  19. riyaale