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  1. Faahiye

    Guts' result

    @Guts, Actually lots of Somalis get around 2% Ethiopian/Eritrean. Here's another mj result https://www.somalispot.com/threads/sixiroole10s-results.81524/ Best, Faahiye
  2. Faahiye

    If you were a part of the team, what city name are you choosing to have?

    @abdallah, Probably Manchester, I'll be really creative too and call it Manchester United or something Best, Faahiye
  3. Faahiye

    Should i sue my government????

    @Basra, Why not both? Best, Faahiye
  4. Faahiye

    SJW says "Taking a name like Siyaad is similar to adopting Hitler "

    @Hatredfree, 0 retreats, 0 likes. I don't see how this is worthy of a thread. Best, Faahiye
  5. Faahiye

    Is this a xalimo?? Alleged Somali woman attacks white woman “because she hates whites”

    @911, She could be a Somali Bantu as they have a presence in Oregon. Best, Faahiye
  6. Faahiye

    Ash’aris and Tawassul

    @Cyrus, Isn't tawassul a fiqhi issue? What does this have to do with Asharis? Best, Faahiye
  7. Faahiye

    SL NEWS: halwanaag news does a brilliant doccumentry about land theft in hargeisa.

    @Younes Osman, Stop posting political threads in the general section! Best, Faahiye
  8. Faahiye

    Retards in Somaliland line up for their dose of coronavirus, turns into riots

    @Al-Burcaawi, The tweet didn't specify so we will both share this L. :icon lol::icon lol: Best, Faahiye
  9. Faahiye

    Pewdiepie’s mask is slipping

    @sincity, This was already well known considering he used to follow white nationalists on Twitter like Lauren Southern and Molyneux. He stopped following them after the Christchurch shooting for damage control. Best, Faahiye
  10. Faahiye

    Oog, Sool, Somaliland region children mock secessionists "Oog ya leh? Farmaajo"

    @Gucci mane, They have a decent populations and mostly live in Sanaag and Sool. I wouldn't call them laangaab. How can they be when they are Ismaaciil Carre:icon lol: Best, Faahiye
  11. Faahiye

    Somalis with straight hair

    @Beyondover, It is not normal at all. But are you sure your hair is straight? Lots of Somalis have straightish hair when it's short but when it grows it becomes wavy. But completely straight like an indian is definitely not common. Best, Faahiye
  12. Faahiye

    Looks like we got a new jeegan

    @Ismail Khan, Arap tend to be allies with GX and Ayuub tend to ally with HA. As you said habar jeclo tend to act as one unit. Best, Faahiye
  13. Faahiye

    Looks like we got a new jeegan

    @PuntiteQueen, Its not that hard to understand. Habar yoonis and Ciidagale are subclans of Garxajis which in turn is a subclan of isaaq. Garxajis = Ismaaciil Sh Isxaaq. Best, Faahiye
  14. Faahiye

    Why do the majority of profiles have cartoon pic

    @Lostbox, Couldn't agree more! Best, Faahiye
  15. Faahiye

    Refutation of David Wood's "top 5 most disgusting facts about Muhammad"

    @King of Somalia, Back in January you posted a thread regarding this video. Here's the thread https://www.somalispot.com/threads/top-5-most-disturbing-facts-about-prophet-muhammad.74538/ It just so happens that someone has already refuted this video I hope this video clarifies any...
  16. Faahiye

    Guess My Ethinicity, Based On My Photo (SSPOT GAMENIGHT)

    @HanadR6, Best, Faahiye
  17. Faahiye

    Trip to the eastern most territories of Waqdariya & Geelweyte (eastern Sanaag)

    @Yahya, I guess there's more of us here then I thought:icon lol::icon lol: Best, Faahiye
  18. Faahiye

    Showcase Your Desktop Wallpapers

    @Macalin M, Not with that attitude! Best, Faahiye
  19. Faahiye


    @The Good, Preserved meat. Muqmad and Odkac are 2 different ways to say it. Best, Faahiye