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  1. Dhegey

    Somali lady kills her unwell child

    Dont mind me I'm just waiting for the replies to get good :mjohreally:
  2. Dhegey

    Broke Hungry Faraxs make chipotle worker lose her hob

    The one recording his name is Masud Ali
  3. Dhegey

    Disaster in Saudi Arabia! MBS arrests rival princes; King Salman rumored to be dead

    He even took his spot in line as the next king:noneck:
  4. Dhegey

    What should I title this?

  5. Dhegey

    When somali kids get a haircut

  6. Dhegey

    Kids taken away from hooyo

  7. Dhegey

    Saudi-Eritrean Rapper arrested

  8. Dhegey

    Indian having a meltdown about Desi girls dating Somali men on Twitter

    They deleted it Cant see nothing
  9. Dhegey

    Missing Somali boy

    IDK if it's true but somebody sent me this
  10. Dhegey

    Update on East Africa Locusts

    At this rate they'll be gone Alhamdulillah We should've thought of this kkk
  11. Dhegey

    Geeljire food vs Middle Eastern food? (What’s your pick)

    Not just any milk. CAANO GEEL warya :yousmart:
  12. Dhegey

    Somalis who believe USA/Turkey/Najd Arabs are fighting against ISIS

    Isn't it cause there's a lot of kurds in Turkey Almost half of Turkey is Kurdish land
  13. Dhegey

    US Somalis please come in, i’m worried about your well being

    Minimum wage in SoCal is about 30k. :patrice:
  14. Dhegey

    London gang members stabbing men in the futo

    Gives a whole new meaning to knife crime
  15. Dhegey

    A push against online shaming in Minnesota's Somali community